Seaside Wee Folk Sets #dollsdollsdolls
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Seaside Wee Folk Sets #dollsdollsdolls

Our Trio and Bunch doll sets are comprised of the smaller dolls in our range. Cluster, Bundle and Brood sets include our largest dolls, which are sling compatible.The Seaside Wee Folk wear sea green and blue in a variety of tones and shades. Due to variations in our hand dyed felt your set will differ slightly to the d

Our Wee Folk's capes and hats are lovingly handmade from wool. Their wooden bodies are sealed in child-safe, natural oils which brings out the rich wood grains. Doll family sizes Small - dolls measuring from 3.5cm to 7cm Large - dolls measuring from 3.5cm to 11cm You can also create your very own family with our 'build a set' listings. Our dolls capes and hats are non-removable. Recommended for ages 3 and up.


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